Music For Film, TV, and Documentaries

Music can easily sum up the essence and motive of a visual piece, adding new dimensions to the audiences’ experience and creating a more powerful impact. I believe music can make or break a film, and there is sometimes a thin line between the two. Making it a success involves a number of elements:

GreenTick  A collaborative approach where the film’s vision is shared and the music becomes an added tool inline with the director’s storyline

GreenTick  Access to a wide range of musical expressions so that a unique sound can be composed to match the storyboard.

GreenTick  Use of the latest technologies and compositional techniques to reach deadlines faster and working right up to the locking of the final edit

Music should at no point overwhelm the visuals and become the dominating element. I believe music is there to enhance the visuals’ impact and reinforce the director’s vision and through the above tools, methods, and working styles; success is easily achievable.