Druid Circle
A Ribbon of Magic

A mysterious yet welcoming theme with Shakuhachi flute guiding your listeners on a journey through your on screen visuals.
Bat Cave
BBC Saving Planet Earth

Rory McGrath goes in search of 3 species on the edge of extinction in the BBC2 series, Saving Planet Earth.
Humanoid Evolution
Man Meets Machine

Rhythms and fx that build a driving force for your on screen action, surrounded by the haunting sounds of Shakuhachi flute.
Igniting The Mystery
XFiles Style Theme Tune

Mysterious atmosphere backed by driving FX and echoing rhythms and vibes. A mysterious theme tune develops as the soundscape shifts and evolves.
Wave of Emotion
Sound Canvas

Explores the different elements of a painting by Kellina Foster.
Frantic Shot Torn
Short film soundtrack building suspense and action into the storyline.
Heart Opening
Letting In The Light

Deep and meditative soundscape for total relaxation. Transport your audience to a total chillout.
Reaching The Light
Complete Surrender

Relaxation music at it's best. Take a deep breath, hold it, and release....
Calming soundscapes with echoing ethnic flutes lift the listener and transports them gently to cloud nine.
Golden Forest
Lion King Style Theme

Earthy beats and vibes transport the listener to an atmospheric and colour filled landscape, with sweeping soundscapes and heartfelt melodies of a Native American Flute.
Breath of Fresh Air

Soothing sounds of the Bansuri flute as it floats and glides into a relaxing and meditative atmosphere.
Horror Soundscape

An eerie and scary atmosphere filled with echoing horror and dark haunting sounds. Not for the meek!
Shaku Storm
Emerging From The Mist

It's dark, wet, and cold. You are surrounded by a thick fog. In the distance a battle drum can be heard, it's getting closer....!
This track is a mysterious and suspenseful theme composed to help build anticipation for your on screen action.
I Will Find You
A Yearning Desire

Smooth and emotional vibes create a soothing space for a story about burning desires and heartfelt emotions.
Frantic Short Torn - Soundtrack
A Ghostly Encounter

An eerie and haunting theme to build an atmosphere of suspense and intrigue.
Darkened Path
Gladiator Style Theme

A moving and sensitive theme driven to a grand and epic tale with sweeping soundscapes for dramatic on screen action.
Darkened Gateway
Dark and Mysterious

A theme to send shivers down your back - dramatic and sweeping theme with a driving rhythm to build on screen action.
Dark Lord's Shadow
Lord of the Rings style theme

Epic, dramatic, and suspenseful - a sweeping theme to build on screen action and scenery.
Dark Lord's Princess
Lord of the Rings style theme

Soft and heartfelt theme to convey a delicate romantic atmosphere.
Dark Lord's Nemesis
Lord of the Rings style theme

Dark and moody to build suspense and anticipation of something mysterious about to reveal itself.
Charcoal Ice
CSI Style Theme

Dark and mysterious theme with an ethnic twist to capture the imagination and drive the drama forward.
Album Promo Video

Visionary Art by Barbara Rose featuring Aroshanti's Clearzone Album.
True Reiki 2
Album Promo Video

Take a deep breath .. and let your mind be still
Galapagos Islands
Galapagos Island Wildlife

Music closely follows the movement and mood of the visuals.
The Great Bustard
BBC Saving Planet Earth

The Great Bustard mating ritual supported by a fun soundtrack.
Ghost in the Shell
The fine balance between man and machine.
Enter the ancient world of the Samurai

Music For Film, TV, and Documentaries

Music can easily sum up the essence and motive of a visual piece, adding new dimensions to the audiences’ experience and creating a more powerful impact. I believe music can make or break a film, and there is sometimes a thin line between the two. Making it a success involves a number of elements:


  • A collaborative approach where the film’s vision is shared and the music becomes an added tool inline with the director’s storyline
  • Access to a wide range of musical expressions so that a unique sound can be composed to match the storyboard.
  • Use of the latest technologies and compositional techniques to reach deadlines faster and working right up to the locking of the final edit

Music should at no point overwhelm the visuals and become the dominating element. I believe music is there to enhance the visuals’ impact and reinforce the director’s vision and through the above tools, methods, and working styles; success is easily achievable.